Metrolina Business Council
Charlotte, NC

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About MBC Charlotte

Metrolina Business Council (MBC) is a business group which meets at Byron's Southend twice monthly for breakfast combined with an excellent program. MBC is not just a 'tips' club but a resource group for successful people. Membership is on an individual, not company, basis and is limited to one individual from a particular business or professional classification.

MBC provides:

  • Excellent business referrals
  • Forum to discuss key business issues
  • Doing business on a first name basis, both buying and selling
  • Excellent programs, workshops, and business assistance
  • 24 great breakfasts with terrific programs
  • Meetings begin with coffee at 7:00 am, continue with a breakfast and a program at 7:30 am, and are finished around 8:30 am
  • Bi-weekly newsletters announcing upcoming meetings and events.
  • Membership directory online and printed annually Socials: These events occur periodically throughout the year and are self-funded. Approximately one month prior to the event, information will be presented to the members at the regular meetings and announced in the newsletter. Questions? Send an email to

Metrolina Business Council