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The goal for our speakers is to educate and arm our members with invaluable advice and information that will help improve their own businesses and relationships. 

Ideally, members would gain more in-depth information on subjects or material that would not typically be available in newspapers or public documents.  Speeches can be stand-alone without any props, or complimented by a slide-show presentation.

  • You should arrive at 6:50am at Byron's Southend, 101 W Worthington Ave #110, Charlotte, NC 28203, if you need to set up anything.  Members start arriving at 7:00am and our coordinator arrives at 6:30am.  You would park in the new Design Center Parking Deck, located adjacent to The Design Center, next to the Atrium Building at the corner of Hawkins St. and Doggett St. (at 240 Doggett St.), behind Byron's. Parking in the deck is free of charge with ticket validation. Keep the ticket you receive upon entering the garage, and bring it with you into Byron's so staff can validate your ticket.
    There is handicap parking in the deck, as well two handicap spaces out front free of charge, and pay-to-park handicap parking in the surface lot on Worthington Ave.
  • A wireless hand-held microphone, projector and screen will be provided.  We have a wireless remote control available for advancing slides.
  • Members stand and mingle over coffee from 7:00am to about 7:20am, then go through a breakfast buffet and sit at about 10 large round tables with about 6-8 people per table.  We do member-to-member "Thank You's", then officer announcements, then we introduce and start the speaker at about 7:50am-8:00am.
  • Speakers should go until about 8:30am, but most members can usually stick around until 8:45am which would be the latest stopping point.  Try to leave time for a few questions if possible, and you'll typically get some members that will want to talk with you after the meeting is over.  Some members with other commitments may quietly start to leave the meeting at about 8:30am.
  • Attendance is typically steady at about 55-75 members, but if you want to print any flyers, you could print about 80 of them and we can offer them at the following meeting for those that missed the meeting.
  • The dress is business casual, but we have an even mix of those who will be wearing ties.
  • You are definitely welcome to enjoy the coffee networking time and the breakfast buffet.
Documents Needed
  • Please email your photo and personal bio to and any company information well in advance to post onto our events page on the website.
  • It is not required, but ideally we would like to get a publically viewable copy of your presentation for us to leave on our website for members to reference, or for those that missed the meeting.  You could extract any slides as needed if it contains proprietary information.  No worries, your slide show doesn't need to be too fancy.
  • If you have any pamphlets, flyers or coupons, you would want to bring 60-80 copies and you could collect any unclaimed ones from the tables after the meeting or we can make them available at the next meeting.

Metrolina Business Council